Friday, 5 December 2014

Ghost Moon Night by Jewel Allen



Summary from Goodreads

Secret to Save Them All . . .

It was whispered years ago that when a pirate cursed a Philippine village with langbuan, or flying undead, a boy received a secret that would protect him from certain death. But even armed with a secret, can anyone survive the undead for long?

Seventeen-year-old Antonio Pulido has never known a time when the langbuan didn’t roam the streets every Ghost Moon Night, killing anyone in their path. He works hard to protect his family and the girl he loves from the deadly attacks, but he wants them stopped once and for all. Can Antonio uncover the decades-old secret and will it help him defeat the langbuan? Or will Ghost Moon Night come again and take someone he truly cares about? It falls on Antonio to save his village, but time is running out. The next Ghost Moon Night is nearly here and Antonio knows this is his last chance to destroy the undead and end their reign of terror -- or die trying.

My review

*I received this eBook in exchange for an honest review.*
Ghost Moon Night is written by Jewel Allen. The genre is paranormal fantasy. The story is set in a small, Philippine village, Dasalin, which was cursed because of pirates. It’s about a seventeen-year-old boy, Antonio, who protects his family from the langbuans. The langbuans are flying creatures who kill everyone they come across on Ghost Moon Night, with their deadly touch. Antonio wants to defeat them.
I give this book 2 stars. I really wanted to like it, but somehow it didn’t do it for me. I started this book and then put it down for two weeks. But because I really wanted to know how it ended, I finished it. I found the beginning a little boring, however I liked Antonio from the first moment. The story was slow-paced and the action scenes were a bit short for me.
The thing I liked about this book, was its setting. I loved the description of the Philippines and I learned a lot about the country. The glossary at the end of the book was also informative and interesting. And the romance was sweet.
Overall, this book was just not for me.