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BLOG TOUR + GIVEAWAY - The Gospel of Wolves by Chris Wesley

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Title: The Gospel of Wolves   
Author Name: Chris Wesley

Book Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Publisher: Aristic Agenda Press
Release Date: November 1, 2014

Book Description
Everyone is a wolf.

But putting the pack first can have different ramifications if you don’t really belong with the pack you’re hunting with in the first place.

In The Gospel of Wolves, you delve deep into the heads and hearts of four people who will take risks as they search for where they belong that will force them to make serious choices about the person they are willing to become as they cross paths with some of the cruelest sociopaths the world has to offer to ultimately find out if they are part of the pack or one of the prey.


"Mommy. I don't think daddy's gonna make it."
It wasn't just what little Melanie said, it was how she said it that caused Lindsey to duck down to eye level with her daughter before reassuring her. "Don't be silly, dear. Your father will be here any moment to get us and we'll be on our way home."
Melanie didn't seem convinced. She appeared as if she was listening to someone who was telling her something she didn't want to hear. Whomever that someone was, it wasn't her mother. She stayed down at eye level with Melanie a little while longer, brushed some of Melanie's bangs back under the hood of her coat, then stood upright and looked around the airport receiving area for her husband's car. They had been waiting for half and hour, but the airport was busy, and with the rain, there were surely traffic. She resisted the urge to pull out her cell phone and call him. After what Melanie said, Lindsey was afraid of doing anything that might encourage her to think that something really was wrong.
It seemed like half of the people driving had bought the exact same make, model, color and year of the car her husband owned. With the sky's reflection bouncing off of the windshields, the identities of the drivers remained concealed until they drove past her and Melanie. She held her frustration and impatience behind a veneer of calm that was becoming harder and harder to maintain each time she mistakenly thought she had spotted him.
If he doesn't come in the next five minutes, I'm calling him, Lindsey thought to herself. Knowing that this might upset Melanie further, Lindsey looked down to see how Melanie was fairing to gauge if she needed to provide any additional consoling before the call, but Melanie wasn't there. Lindsey glanced all around her immediate area, but her daughter was gone.
Looking to the parents of a family that had been standing next to them, she asked, "Did you see which way my daughter went? She's wearing a pink overcoat with the hood up and black stockings?"
Both of the parents gave a quick glance around, then offered sympathetic shrugs.
Lindsey forgot about her luggage and began pushing through the crowd of people yelling her daughter's name. The amount of people seemed to increase with Lindsey's anxiety and somehow, they seemed to always manage to be where she was trying to get to and move into the cracks and seams right as Lindsey attempted to peer through to catch a glimpse of where her daughter might be. Irritated by the mass of bodies, she tried stooping down to knee level thinking that looking between legs rather than around torsos might provide more gaps to peer through, but it was a moving forest of limbs that again seemed to move directly into her line of sight as quickly as she could look in a direction.

Guest post with the author
You vs. The Page: 5 Hidden Secrets to Finishing Your Book

There is no shortage of great advice out there to help you get your book finished, but we're going to focus on a few often overlooked means for helping you get your book finished. 

Secret One

Never tell anyone the story that you want to tell and not for the reason you might think.

Yes, there is the possibility that the person you tell, may steal your story, but the more likely scenario is that once you've shared your story with someone, the need for sharing it in print will shrink considerably.

The best thing you can do for your story is to confide only in the written page in whatever form you use whether it's pencil and paper or keys and screen.

Secret Two

Do not edit while writing. There is nothing more important to the success of your book than getting your ideas out of your head and onto the page. You can come back later and fix your grammar or refine the way you articulate something in your story.

What you can't do is recapture the fire of a fresh idea once the moment has gone.

Ideas are fleeting. They come and go without warning or mercy.

Another consideration is how detrimental it is to your finished book when you spend so much time getting your syntax correct that would could have been a two-thousand word writing session only yields a few hundred words.

Secret Three

We're going to piggyback on Secret Two for this one.

Keep index cards or something of that sort on you along with a pen or pencil on you at all times. Cell phones with note taking apps work as well.

The point is to be prepared to capture any thought you may have about your book whenever it comes.

If, like most writers, you're always on the hunt for interesting angles, personalities and scenarios, this may well become one of your favorite idea catchers because you can get it down while you're still feeling inspired and catch that initial fire you're feeling.

Secret Four

Use your personal library to your advantage.

When you aren't exactly sure where to go next with your story and finding the motivation behind how your character isn't enough, think back on the books you loved the most as a reader.

Is there a book on your list that has a similar situation? 

Go back and read the part of that book most applicable to the place you're struggling with just before sitting down to write.

By doing this, you put yourself in the perfect mindset for bringing your story back on track.

Secret Five

This last secret is the most important. You will never finish your book unless you put this to use.

Do not. I repeat, do not wait for inspiration to hit before you start writing.

You need to schedule time to write so that it is an appointment and use that time to write whether you're feeling your story at that moment or not.

I hope these secrets help you find your path to publishing.

Good luck!

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Author Bio

Chris Wesley is the award-winning author of the fiction book The Gospel of Wolves, the short fiction story Regret in Triptych and the poetry book Pack Animals. He uses his fine art photography as prompts for character sketches and settings in his fiction along with gallery shows. He has written for the music magazine Night Moves Magazine, acted in independent movies and plays; wrote, cast, directed, shot and edited an independent short movie, started bands and gone solo. He plays a few instruments and is generally considered a smart ass. He also has a thing for how we connect with each other and with ourselves.

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