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BLOG TOUR + Giveaway - Untouchable by Elizabeth SaFleur

Author Bio:

Elizabeth SaFleur, an erotic romance author, penned the Elite Doms of Washington series, contemporary tales of dominance, seduction, and love set in our nation’s capital. The first novel, Lovely, was released in January 2015. She’s a member of the Romance Writers Association and avid reader of all fiction genres.

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Book Genre: Romance
Publisher: Troll River Publications
Release Date: July 3rd, 2015 (pre-order special at $2.99 from the original $4.99)
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Book Description:
A powerful man in a powerful world, corporate attorney Carson Drake is the master of the short-term affair and the preemptive strike. His motto, do unto others before done to him, has kept him single and safe.

Public relations executive London Chantelle relishes in her independence and is an unlikely partner. Mistrustful and damaged from her history, London wants nothing to do with men seeking to cage her.

Yet their unexpected encounter at private BDSM club Diabolus offers a delicious opportunity for them both. Mesmerized by London’s spirit, Carson offers her a weekend of sexual, submissive pleasure. London, anticipating she could finally put her unwanted darker, longings to rest, agrees to his proposal.

The weekend proves beyond what either could guess. Carson quickly taps into London’s masochistic streak, and they discover how perfect they could be together. But when a blackmailing co-worker and long-buried secrets threatens their budding relationship, Carson must turn to the secret and powerful BDSM organization, The Tribunal, for help. Yet help always comes with a price, and soon Carson and London are forced to deal with their pasts.


“Control of your submissive goes beyond administering punishments and pleasure,” Carson said. Katie shifted once more. He traced a fingertip across the brunette’s shoulder tattoo. The ink on her flesh read Hurt Me. If only all women came pre-labeled with warning stickers, like this beauty draped over his legs. Perhaps then he’d have understood London’s edginess today a little better. Danger: High Voltage would have suited her.
For the last two hours he’d tried to stop thinking about those legs. Every technique he used only pushed her deep into his mind. And the thought of pushing deep into her.
Katie wiggled across his thighs and reclaimed his attention. He placed his hand over her lower back. “Be still.” He waited. When she finally stopped her attempts to grind into his crotch, he returned his attention to the growing audience for his spanking demo at Club Accendos.
“Settle,” he whispered. Carson willed his usual concentration to rise. After all, he’d agreed to this silly demo.
“Yes, sir.” Her words came out garbled. Katie was a screamer, so he’d gagged her. But he couldn’t enjoy her usual vocal appreciation of his work, thanks to unshakeable thoughts of a certain PR Princess.
He returned his attention to the ass presented. Smack! Smack! Katie’s behind grew more heated under his hand. When he palmed her pinkened butt, she pressed into his lack of an erection. It wasn’t Katie’s fault for his lackluster reaction to her. He’d just been here so many times before.
Katie’s flesh jiggled under three more swats. She fell further over his lap, releasing the last of her own tension and settling into the moment. If only he could do the same.
He slipped the gag from Katie’s mouth and let it clatter the floor. He eased her up and caught her by the arm as she swayed. Her heavy lids told him at least she’d enjoyed their time together.
“Thank you, sweetheart. As you can see, Katie is starting to float. That’s when you need to stop. Check in with your sub often and pay attention to the signs. Any questions?” If there is a God, there’ll be no questions.

Guest Blog Post

Untouchable Blog Tour

Elizabeth SaFleur

When the Day Job Collides With Your Erotic Romance Writing Career

By Elizabeth SaFleur


Working for corporate America provides much writing inspiration. During board meetings, I’ve taken down dialogue for future Dom-y conversations. You haven’t swum in testosterone until you’ve sat through a closed-door meeting comprised of twenty-four CEOs of an undisclosed, conservative industry. They make terrific muses.

Then, there are the press conferences! Nothing provides more fodder for tension like a reporter seeking an “answer,” but who is only getting a “response” from the speaker.

Someday I’ll retire and write full-time. In the meantime, it’s important to remember a few “rules.”

Rule One: Log out of online sites related to your pseudonym, like, say, Google+ where you “follow” people who show nude pictures. At a recent meeting someone told me, “Just bring up google and search for it.” Who cares if my computer display was projected onto an eight by eight screen, right? My first thought? Did I log out of Elizabeth SaFleur’s google account before I arrived? Do I chance it? Thankfully, I had logged out. Now, I never forget.

Rule Two: Don’t get caught speaking your next scene into the digital tape recorder you carry to capture ideas. Someone might overhear. Yes, it happened to me in an office ladies’ room, where I’d run to make said recording. “Who is Carson Drake and why does he want London to bring him a belt instead of a blindfold?” a woman asked me, after I emerged from my stall hiding place. She’d been standing at the sinks the whole time. At least she winked at me.

Rule Three: Do not, ever, ever, ever send an email under your pseudonym’s email address by mistake. Someone can reverse engineer that sucker. If you do, consider yourself “outed,” as I almost was. I sent a client an email under my Elizabeth SaFleur email address. When he asked who was, I feigned innocence. “Oh, it’s just an old account I forgot to disband,” I’d said. Thankfully he didn’t bother to look it up. (I think.)

Rule Four: When taking skype calls form clients, turn your computer away from your “inspiration board” that is covered in hot men—most of them semi-nude. I’ve never forgotten to do this—at least not since one client spent an entire conversation squinting into his camera as if trying to focus on “something” in the background. Perhaps he was looking at this?


Rule Five: Remember who you are. At some point you’ll answer to your pseudonym name as easily as your own. In fact, you might introduce yourself as that name as I once did in a meeting. Oops. I simply corrected my introduction and laughed, saying, “I’m working so hard for you, I’ve forgotten my own name.” That statement earned a return chuckle—and a puzzled look. Oh, well.



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